Improve your sleep with an ergonomic: tempurpedic features

Sleep disorders can be relieved by purchasing an ergonomic pillow. This can greatly increase the quality of the person’s sleep. However, it is important to take the time to choose an ergonomic pillow adapted to your body type. These ergonomic pillows have the particularity of adapting to the movements of the sleeper by molding the body. Classic pillows do not help to improve sleep by creating pressure points and twists in the neck of their users. Indeed, the ergonomic pillows provide additional support, compared to conventional pillows, to position the cervical vertebrae in the alignment of the spine.

Tempurpedic Ergonomic pillow with shape memory

In the early 1970s, NASA developed a pressure-relieving material to relieve the pressure on astronauts during take-off. This material is thermo sensitive and adapts to the shape of the body. NASA unveiled this material to the public in the 1980s.

TEMPUR is a thermo sensitive viscoelastic material for open cell pressure relief. The TEMPUR ergonomic pillows perfectly fit the lines of your body. Unlike traditional pillows filled with ordinary polyurethane, which deforms under the simple pressure of weight, the TEMPUR ergonomic pillow gives you optimal support where you need it and without back pressure. Indeed, thanks to theTempurpedic mattress review, it is known that billions of open cells move all around your body until they completely marry its forms.

The ergonomic pillow is one of the most important sleep accessories. Indeed, it is a major player in the quality of sleep of its users. So if for many the pillow is an element of decoration for the bed, it must be remembered that it is this pillow that supports the cervical during sleep. The choice of an ergonomic pillow therefore deserves the attention of its user. It should only be done after trying several pillows.

Is it the best?

It has been has granted that the Tempurpedic is the right material to use the official seal “Certified Technology” on the packaging of mattresses, ergonomic pillows and Tempurpedic brochures. The purpose of this seal is to broaden brand awareness and understanding and support the role that the space issue plays in our daily lives.

Before the Tempurpedic scientists developed the TEMPUR material, there was no equivalent in the market for ergonomic mattresses and pillows. Today, there are many memory foam products on the market, but there is only one tempurpedic material.